2024 Field Day

Field Day is a highly anticipated annual event for amateur radio enthusiasts, held on the fourth full weekend of June. It's a unique opportunity for seasoned operators to showcase their skills and share their passion with newcomers. During Field Day, participants set up temporary stations, testing their ability to establish emergency communications under challenging conditions. It's a mix of contest, practice, and social gathering, where operators demonstrate their expertise in various modes of communication, from voice to digital.

Newcomers get a hands-on experience and a taste of the camaraderie and excitement that defines the amateur radio community. Whether you're logging contacts, experimenting with new equipment, or just enjoying the atmosphere, Field Day is an event that embodies the spirit of ham radio.

Photos and Videos

If you have photos or videos from Field Day please email them to us and we'll post them here.

Additional detailed information about our field day planing is below the photos.

Additional Information About Our Field Day Activities