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New Hams

Someone is available before every regular meeting (around 7 PM) to answer questions from newer hams. We look forward to seeing some of the new hams if for no other reason than to meet you. Need help with your current handheld transceiver (HT)?  Bring it in with the manual and we'll try to help you out.

Sunshine Report

Our deepest sympathy to Mabel and family of Charlie England, N2CE. Charlie was a very long time member of BCRC.

Maria, N2CIS is recovering nicely from her shoulder replacement.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to: Skip Arey N2EI, Frank K2SQS, Jim Jones KD2ARU, Lee Oliver KC2WH, Rod Tappen, and Tom Williams W2TAW.

Skeeter Hunt - August 21st

This will be our fifth foray into the wilds hunting dem Skeeters! Another in-the-field QRP event, this one will have 2 stations set up for both CW and Fone. This year features NPOTA activation and we will be giving out 2 numbers: AA17 NJ Coastal Heritage Trail and AA19 Pinelands National Reserve since we will be operating from the East Point Lighthouse ILLW number US0208. Join us! The more the merrier. Contact Bob, K2QPN for info.

New Jersey QSO Party - September 17 & 18

NJ QSO Party has been scheduled for September 17-18. Details are at the NJQP website. We will also have information on the NJQP at our regular meetings so, feel welcome to join us.

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