Club Announcements

New Hams

Someone is available before every regular meeting (around 7 PM) to answer questions from newer hams. We look forward to seeing some of the new hams if for no other reason than to meet you. Need help with your current handheld transceiver (HT)?  Bring it in with the manual and we'll try to help you out.

Antenna Party

This year's 3rd annual antenna party was once again an overwhelming success. Those who attended had an enjoyable day while testing several antennas. We built a 10 meter Moxon and an 80 meter OCF (off-center feedline) dipole.

Field Day 2015

Operations began on time Saturday and continued until 2 PM Sunday. Once again we had 3 HF stations and a VHF station set up. Looks like we had over 30 members and guests attend - another good showing. As usual, we all learned from the Field Day experience. And, learning while youíre having fun is the best way. Thanks to all who participated. A job well done BCRC!

Emilio Carranza Memorial
Special Event Station N2M

The Carranza operation is underway - started Monday, 7/6, and continues all week. Bands and modes of your choice but use general frequencies to give every one a chance.

Suggested Operating Frequencies
Band CW Phone
80M 3.550 3.825
40M 7.050 7.190
20M 14.050 14.250
15M 21.050 21.400
10M 28.050 28.400
Click for map and directions

Talk in frequencies: 147.150+ pl=127.3, 146.550 simplex