Club Announcements - Happy New Year!

New Hams

Someone is available before every regular meeting (around 7 PM) to answer questions from newer hams. We look forward to seeing some of the new hams if for no other reason than to meet you. Need help with your current handheld transceiver (HT)?  Bring it in with the manual and we'll try to help you out.

Elections and Appointments

Officers for 2017 Trustees for 2017
President - Frank, K2SQS Bob, K2QPN
Vice President - Stan, NB2S Don, AK2S
Treasurer - Hugh, KC2OGR Jack, WA2RHJ
Secretary - Bonnie, WB2ALQ Jim, KD2ARU
Lance, KC2MTO

2017 Club Dues

Club dues for 2016 are due. Still only $20 for an entire year of fun, adventure and suspense. The Treasurer will be happy to accept cash, check, or money order at the next meeting or mail your check to:

PO Box 307
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Upcoming Operating Opportunities

The following operating opportunities are upcoming this month. These are good chances for all members to get involved and get on the air. You are welcome and encouraged to join us! Additional information is in the K2TD Newsletter.

January VHF Sweepstakes - Jan 21 - 23
BCRC will be entering a club aggregate score. Get on the VHF/UHF bands and make contacts! This is definitely a low-key contest that should be fun. Have some fun and help your club at the same time.

Winter Field Day - Jan 28 - 29 @ Tabernacle EOC
Winter Field Day (WFD) is a preparedness event much like June's Field Day. Station setup starts at 9AM, operating begins at 2PM Saturday and ends at 2PM Sunday, followed by station tear down.

BCRC Merchandise Store

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Check out the online BCRC Shop for club gear.

Yahoo!Group K2TD-BCRC

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All members are encouraged to sign up for the Yahoo!Group K2TD-BCRC. This can be a valuable communications tool for the club. If you don't have a Yahoo account then sign up. Registration is easy and free! Get started by clicking the Yahoo!Groups icon to the left.

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