Club Announcements

New Hams

Someone is available before every regular meeting (around 7 PM) to answer questions from newer hams. We look forward to seeing some of the new hams if for no other reason than to meet you. Need help with your current handheld transceiver (HT)?  Bring it in with the manual and we'll try to help you out.


Public Demo of Emergency Communications
June 24 - 25

Make plans now to join in the fun of Field Day.  Help setup the antennae and stations, operate the amateur radio bands, enjoy great food, even better companionship - fun and prizes galore!

The location of this year's Field Day will be at the Tabernacle Rescue Squad/EOC building. The street address is 134 New Rd, Tabernacle, NJ.

Field Day Schedule
Thursday, 6/22 Antenna setup - Report to FD site at 0900 hours.
Friday, 6/23 Antenna setup - Report to FD site at 0900 hours.
Saturday, 6/24 Station setup - Report to FD site at 0900 hours.
Operating begins at 1400 hours.
Sunday, 6/25 Operating continues thru to 1400 hours.
FD site cleanup begins at 1400 hours.
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Talk in frequencies: 147.150+ pl=127.3, 146.550 simplex