Club Announcements


Condolences from the club go out to Jack, WA2RHJ, and Erin, AC2JL, on the passing of Jackís father (Erinís grandfather).

New Hams

Someone is available before every regular meeting (around 7 PM) to answer questions from newer hams. We look forward to seeing some of the new hams if for no other reason than to meet you. Need help with your current handheld transceiver (HT)?  Bring it in with the manual and we'll try to help you out.

General License Class

Starting September 9th we will be having a General Class license course, which will last 10 weeks on Tuesday nights at the Tabernacle EOC on New Road in Tabernacle. We expect to have a VE session at the conclusion of the course. Interested in attending or helping to teach? Contact Don, AK2S.

Skeeter Hunt - August 10th

This year's Skeeter hunt will take place this coming Sunday, August 10th starting at noon. The purpose is twofold - a family picnic (bring your own food and drink), and to participate in the QRP Skeeter Hunt. We will have 2 QRP stations operating from 1 to 5 PM, one on fone, the other on CW.