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JULY, 2016

Volume 2016, Number 7





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BCRC Meeting






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BCRC Officers 2016

Pres – Don, AK2S

VP – Stan, NB2S


Sec – Lance, KC2MTO





Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Frank, K2SQS






Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;

7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

All are invited!

BCRC Meeting

Monday, July 11, 2016

New ham questions answered – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO



Following another successful FD Jim KD2ARU will give us a short summary of the highlights and preliminary results.  Also, Bob K2QPN will give us an early look at how the N2M operation went.


This feature has been expanded and can now be found on page 4 of this Newsletter. .  Look at it – there have been updates! 

President’s Corner   


I’m on vacation this week.  Look for my pearls of wisdom again in August!

73, Don AK2S

What’s Happening


Please remember in your thoughts and prayers Charlie N2CE and Maria N2CIS who are under the weather.  Maria N2CIS underwent shoulder replacement and is recovering nicely. Happy Birthday to Lance KC2MTO and Bob K2QPN.


July 4-10 -----Carranza Memorial Special Event Station N2M

The Carranza operation is underway – started Monday and continues all week.  Bands and modes of your choice. Use general frequencies to give every one a chance. If possible use N1MM logging program and select DXpedition mode. Send me your contacts in ADIF format with a file name of N2M2016_your call_your zip code.  

Example - N2M2016_K2QPN_08016


Make them contacts!  Send your logs to K2QPN@comcast.net   


Saturday July 9th is the memorial service. This is an impressive and moving ceremony of historic significance.  If you haven’t attended, it is a highly recommended experience.  


Setup at 1100 and service at 1300. Join us for the fun.  Directions can be found at http://www.k2td-bcrc.org/k2td_carranzalocation.pdf   


Hope to see you there!   Bob, K2QPN



Another FD has come and gone.  To quote an old cliché, “and a good time was had by all”!  Once more the major emphasis was on fun – that’s F-U-N!  Everyone who attended reports having an enjoyable weekend.  Sure there’s work putting up the antennas in hot weather, but once everything was set up we enjoyed operating, great food, and good company.  A special thanks to those who stayed around to clean up afterward.


How did we do?  Only our second highest score ever!  FD chief Jim KD2ARU will detail our experiences at the July meeting – don’t miss it. And there were still a lot of lessons learned.  So lest we forget those hard earned lessons, let’s get those interested together so we can record them for posterity.  Of course Murphy visited, and the plaintive cry could be heard across the land “wait ‘til next year”!



I have “free to a good home”:


Keyboard with round connector

Mouse with round connector

Numeric keypad with serial DB9 connector


Thanks…………Bruce, WA3RHW

Upcoming BCRC Events

Summer Sizzler Brunch

The brunch is set for July 23 at the Diamond Diner on Rt. 38 in Hainesport. This is a whole family affair that starts at 9:30AM and we expect it will finish up around 11:00AM.  We had a good group in March, so bring the family out for some coffee, bacon and eggs, etc (the diner has a complete menu). 


Want to see a back issue of the BCRC Newsletter? 
All back issues are now in the Files section of the BCRC Yahoo Group website.

From the Editors

Happy Birthday to Bob K2QPN and Lance KC2MTO.  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We had a quiet 4th.  Another Field Day has come and gone.  It was quite a success.  And the plotting and planning for next year starts. We hope to see everyone at the Summer Sizzler Brunch on July 23, 2016.  Don’t forget the Carranza Memorial Event this weekend.  Please remember our servicemen and women, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Hope to see you at the next meeting.

73, Bonnie WB2ALQ


Miscellaneous musings.  FD was fun but due to the advancing age of the folks who showed up to erect antennas, we need to simplify.  Or recruit willing younger workers.  I’ve enjoyed the 13 colonies event this week – worked all 13!  But not the GB or WM stations – haven’t heard either.  And NPOTA is fun too.  Little bit more of a challenge since generally speaking those activators are running low power and have makeshift antennas.  Looking forward to some summer BCRC activities – N2M, brunch, and the skeeter hunt.  But I don’t like the hot, humid days, so looking forward to the cool days of fall.  Hope to get out crabbing soon.  I hear it’s been a good year for those tasty crustaceans. 

73, Frank K2SQS

BCRC Web Page

Visit our web page often!  www.k2td-bcrc.org


Check us out on Facebook  Burlington County Radio Club K2TD 

(tnx Erin AC2JL for setting this up!)


Sign up for the BCRC Yahoo Group as a source of more info on BCRC! 

Contact K2QPN for help on how to join.

BCRC Calendar 2016


           11        Meeting – KC2OGR “Repeater Operation”

           30, 31  Winter FD; January VHF Contest

           26        Trustees


           8         Meeting – KC2MTO “ Boy Scout Merit Badge”

           20-21   ARRL DX CW

           23        Trustees


           5-6      ARRL DX SSB

           14        Meeting – K2SQS  “NPOTA”

           19        Brunch – Spring Fling

           29        Trustees


           5         FD Meeting 7:30PM at KD2ARU QTH

           11        Meeting & Order FD Gear – W2WCC “ARES in Burlco

           26        Trustees


           9         Meeting – K2QPN  “Windows 10”

           24        Trustees


           11        Antenna Party 9:30AM Tabernacle EOC Field

           11-12   June VHF

           13        Meeting – KD2ARU  “FD Planning”

           23-26   FD

           28        Trustees


           3-10     Carranza

           11        Meeting – KD2ARU FD Review and K2QPN Carranza Review

           23        Brunch – Summer Sizzler

           26        Trustees


           8         Meeting – AK2S  “The Ham Workshop”

           21        Skeeter Hunt

           23        Trustees


           11        GCARC Hamfest

           12        Meeting – N2VW  “Contesting 101”

           17-18   NJQP

           27        Trustees


           1         Picnic

           10        Meeting – K2QPN  “White Elephant Sale”

           15-16   JOTA & Radio Merit Badge

           25        Trustees

           29-30   CQWWDX SSB


           5-7      ARRL SS CW        

           12        Pizza Party – Fall Festival

           14        Meeting – Doug, K2QWQ “Early marine radio, Morse, and Equipment”

           19-21   ARRL SS SSB       

           26-27   CQWWDX SSB

           29        Trustees


           12        Meeting - TBA

           13        Holiday Dinner

           27        Trustees