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Volume 2015, Number 2





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BCRC Officers 2015

Pres – Don, AK2S

VP – Frank, K2SQS


Sec – Lance, KC2MTO





Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Frank, K2SQS





https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ-jKv4YQ-MtRqXnFELRx45Fm1ycxkEtg4u98XR-kATGZU7VGo0NwValentine’s Day – Feb 14



Sunday Night Nets - All are invited!

7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex

7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz

            (Repeater pl 127.3 Hz)



BCRC Meeting

Monday, February 9, 2015

New Hams discussion session – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO


Radio Merit Badge and Winter Field Day Recap 

Don, AK2S and Bob, K2QPN will lead a discussion including pictures about last weekend’s SPAR Winter Field Day.  Don will also present some plans and ideas about BCRC sponsoring a Scout radio badge day.     


Feb 8------ BCRC Sunday Evening Net – 7:00PM

Feb 9------ Regular monthly meeting

Feb 15, 22- BCRC Sunday Evening Net

President’s Corner

Radio Active

We in the amateur radio community are in a unique position to spread goodwill around the corner and around the world. Radio waves know no bounds and cover the entire earth without respect to international boundaries. This provides us with a unique camaraderie that transcends time and space.


The tales of public service have gotten the attention of officials in the highest ranks of government which, in turn, influences them to protect our hobby.  This capability in and of itself is a good reason to join the movement.  Many people are in amateur radio just for public service reasons.


If it were not for amateur radio some of the basic technical advances in communications would not have happened. From the discovery of wireless transmission in the HF range to the ARRL Handbook, which is a reference work for many people, from weak signal work to antennas, all these advances count amateurs at the forefront.


We at the BCRC can do our part in the grand scheme of things by getting some chair time, get your Geiger counter ticker racing and Get Radio Active!


73, Don, AK2S

What’s Happening

Dues are due!! 

Still a bargain at $20 for the entire year!  Bring your dues to the next meeting or if you prefer send your check (made out to Burlington County Radio Club) to our treasurer, Hugh Poling KC2OGR at P.O. Box 307, Moorestown, NJ 08057.


Winter Field Day and January VHF Sweepstakes

We had a nice turnout for the first ever BCRC participation in WFD. Eleven of the most stalwart BCRC members braved the elements to erect a 40-10 meter vertical, an end fed wire, a 6 meter beam and squalos for 2 meters and 432 mhz. Two HF stations equipped for CW, SSB, and Digital and a VHF station were set up in the Tabernacle EOC. Coffee and donuts were provided as well as some Girl Scout cookies. A few guests showed up including a nice unexpected group of scouts. Rick, W2RDS did a superb job of making a nice short off the cuff presentation to the scouts and their leaders, then having many of the scouts make on-the-air contacts.


Throughout the weekend many interesting conversations took place amongst those present regarding technical topics, operating, social and club related matters. Jim, KD2ARU once again manned the station throughout the night.  Thanks to large efforts by Bob, K2QPN and Don, AK2S for supplying the stations and setting up the logging network. Besides the enjoyment we did learn some things that should be applicable to the larger effort we plan to make for the June Field Day. Thanks to all that came out and helped. Now stay tuned for the ARRL Field Day – it’s not that far away!


BCRC Newsletter

Frank and I are looking for contributions to the newsletter. We would really like it if someone wanted to do a regular column, but any news or short article or info is welcome. We try to get the newsletter out on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the regular meeting because we hope it serves as a reminder of the upcoming meeting. If you’re interested please reply to this email. Thanks! 

Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Upcoming BCRC Events


February is a slow month historically for BCRC. Your hard working President and his staff are using this time to do some planning. The next scheduled event will be in March, March 21 to be exact, our Spring Fling Brunch. Details will be forthcoming but put the date and time (9:30AM) on your calendar! Diamond Diner on Rt. 38 in Hainesport is the place. Some planning events will be taking place and we need your input folks. Don, AK2S will be setting dates for planning a radio merit badge program, and a field day planning meeting. Plans are also to have a Tech class in the spring and an antenna party in early June. If you have any interest in any of these activities please contact Don – we can use all the ideas and help we can muster.


Want to see a back issue of the BCRC Newsletter? 
All back issues are now in the Files section of the BCRC Yahoo Group website.

Other News

From the ARRL Contest Newsletter - OPERATING TIP

What happens if you enter "Cut Numbers" in QSO lines of a Cabrillo-formatted log? You'll be hearing lots of them in the upcoming ARRL DX CW Contest, so here's the straight scoop. First, the character string is read from the submitted log. Then...

  1. Any instance of W or WATTS is removed from the string.
  2. If the string is one character long containing K, it is transformed to 1000
  3. Similarly, 1K and KILO become 1000.
  4. All characters are removed which are not a numeral (0-9), A, E, N, T, or O.
  5. Replacements are then made: 'A' with '1', 'E' with '5', 'N' with '9', 'T' with '0', and 'O' with '0'.
  6. If the result is 000, it is replaced with 1000.
  7. Finally, the resulting set of characters is converted to an integer value for checking against other logs.

From the Editors

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Winter Field Day seemed to run very smoothly and was well attended. Thanks to all who participated. Please remember to keep W2MAT Matt and his daughter Peggy in your thoughts and prayers.  Also Jack N2VW who is recovering from eye surgery. Happy Birthday to Don AK2S!  We hope to see you at the next meeting. Please remember our servicewomen and men, and our first responders.  

73, Bonnie WB2ALQ


Navassa Island K1N is on the air!  A rare entity which may not be activated for another 10 years.  Now is the time to go get ‘em!  We are on the down side of the current sunspot cycle.  And early predictions for the next few cycles are for weak conditions. So if you still need or want some good DX, especially on the higher HF bands, now is the time. The not so bad news is that lower sunspot activity will provide better DX conditions on the lower frequency bands.  Now is the time to go get ‘em!      

73, Frank K2SQS

BCRC Web Page

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