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MARCH, 2015

Volume 2015, Number 3





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BCRC Meeting






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BCRC Officers 2015

Pres – Don, AK2S

VP – Frank, K2SQS


Sec – Lance, KC2MTO





Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Frank, K2SQS




St. Patrick Day – Mar. 17


Sunday Night Net 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex.

7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

All are invited!

BCRC Meeting

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Hams discussion session – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO


Radio Merit Badge - Gary Wilson, K2GW has been very involved in Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge classes.  Gary will impart his experience and knowledge at the March meeting.  Scouts are a potentially valuable future asset for ham radio, and BCRC has been involved with JOTA for some years now.  Pres Don AK2S plans for BCRC to have a Radio Merit Badge session in 2015 and we’re hoping Gary can help us in the planning.  Gary is also an Assistant SNJ Section Manager.


Mar   09-- Regular BCRC Meeting 

Mar   21-- Brunch Spring Fling – Diamond Diner, Hainesport

Mar   24-- Trustee’s Meeting – TUESDAY

Apr   21-- Boy Scout Camporee - Rancocas Park

President’s Corner


The BCRC needs power. This power comes from you; the members are the power of the Club. This brings to my mind, the power of the human mind.  The brain is an incredibly versatile organ responsible for your personality, attitudes, actions and other attributes.  Only you have control of this item and no one can control or read your mind.


As much as I would like to know what is on/in your mind, what you would like from the club and the direction you would like the Club to go, I cannot read minds, I have to be told.  Everyone in the Club needs my email address in their contact list and I would like an email from each and every member of the Club, even if only to say “HI” and say what is on their mind.


Back to power.  If the members would lend some of their power to the Club; imagine where we could go, the heights we could reach and what we could achieve.  Just the thought staggers my mind.  Whether you’re a new member or a long time member, you can do something for the BCRC.   


73, Don, AK2S ak2s@arrl.net

“If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”- Henry Ford


BCRC 2015 Activities (tnx to Bob K2QPN)

Brunch – March 21 – Spring Fling – Diamond Diner, Hainesport

Boy Scout Camporee – Apr 21st - Rancocas Park

Antenna Party – June 6 - Tabernacle EOC Field

ARRL Field Day – June 25-28 - Tabernacle EOC

Carranza N2M Operation – July 6-12

Carranza Memorial Service – July 11

Brunch – July 18 – Summer Sizzler – Diamond Diner. Hainesport

NJ Skeeter Hunt – August 9 – Pennington Park, Delanco

GCARC Hamfest – September 13 – Mullica Hill

NJ QSO Party – September 19-20

BCRC Picnic – September 26

JOTA - October 17

Brunch – November 14 – Fall Out - Diamond Diner, Hainesport

Holiday Diner – December – Medford Leas

What’s Happening

Dues are due!!  Still a bargain at $20 for the entire year!  Bring your dues to the next meeting or if you prefer send your check (made out to Burlington County Radio Club) to our treasurer, Hugh Poling KC2OGR at P.O. Box 307, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

Upcoming BCRC Events


February is a slow month historically for BCRC.  Your hard working President and his staff are using this time to do some planning.  The next scheduled event will be in March, March 21 to be exact, our Spring Fling Brunch.  Details will be forthcoming but put the date and time (9:30AM) on your calendar!  Diamond Diner on Rt 38 in Hainesport is the place. 


Some planning events will be taking place and we need your input folks.  Don AK2S will be setting dates for planning a radio merit badge program, and a field day planning meeting.  Plans are also to have a Tech class in the spring, and an antenna party in early June.  If you have any interest in any of these activities please contact Don – we can use all the ideas and help we can muster.


Want to see a back issue of the BCRC Newsletter? 
All back issues are now in the Files section of the BCRC Yahoo Group website.

Other News

Tnx N2VW for the following

Hope this gets to you in time for the BCRC Newsletter. There should be more details by meeting time. 


A multinational group is putting Eritrea on the air from 6-17 March. All bands. 


The nice thing about this operation is that it is part of a world-wide charity effort, "The Foundation for Global Children". That area, the Horn of Africa, is one of the poorest and unfortunate in the world. Something to remember if and when you QSL. 


73, Jack N2VW

From the Editors

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I can’t wait until spring!  I am very tired of being house bound. This ice and snow has to stop sometime…by June (FD)?? Our youngest granddaughter had her third birthday party last weekend. After cake the kids went outside for sledding. After being corrected by Mommy, Casey stated “My Party, My Rules!”  We hope to see you at the next meeting. Please remember our servicewomen and men, and our first responders.  

73, Bonnie WB2ALQ


Are you as tired of the cold, ice, and snow as I am?  My beam is skewed and my rotator won’t turn.  Good thing I have my Gap Titan vertical!  It’s been up for a lot of years, takes a lickin’ and keeps on a-tickin’!  Hopefully as soon as the weather breaks I can get some help and fix/upgrade the antenna farm.


N3FJP, who sells logging programs, has just made a few free programs for Kids Day, JOTA, and School Clubs Contest.  They are stand alone logs – they’re free, try them!  Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the ham ranks are getting up in years, and we could use an infusion of young blood.  Our upcoming plans include several activities with the scouts, and this is N3FJP’s contribution, supporting events geared toward youth.

73, Frank K2SQS

BCRC Web Page

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