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Volume 2016, Number 9





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BCRC 2016 Calendar




BCRC Officers 2016

Pres – Don, AK2S

VP – Stan, NB2S


Sec – Lance, KC2MTO





Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Frank, K2SQS




NJQP – SEPT 17,18!



Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;

7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

All are invited!

BCRC Meeting

Monday, September 12, 2016

New ham questions answered – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO



The contesting season is upon us!  First up is the New Jersey QSO Party.  Hesitant to try contesting?  Don’t be.  Dyed-in-the-wool contester Jack N2VW will tell us how easy it is with a healthy portion of tips.  Jack will also tell us of the many side benefits of contesting.


This feature has been expanded and can now be found on page 4 of this Newsletter. .  Look at it – there have been updates!


BCRC Picnic – 10/01 see details below

President’s Corner   


We, as a club, sponsor the New Jersey QSO Party which is in the fifth year under our guidance.  We now have a good weekend to hold it. With no major competition on the weekend of September 17 to 18, 2016 (only the Washington State QSO  party, also known as the “Salmon Run”, and, for the first time, the New Hampshire QSO party) we are hoping for some support from all of the club members.


We are growing with more logs submitted each year; we need to be proactive in supporting this effort.  Operating as K2TD, the bonus station, which gives a bonus of 100 points to stations that contact the club, we need to get the club call on the air. Even if you do not have experience, do not be afraid as you can always ask for repeats and a large number of contacts is not required. Slow speed CW is always appreciated.  If you cannot get on the air then there are other ways to help by spreading the word to other NJ clubs and organizations.  We need support from all our club members to make this a successful event. Pitch in and do your part.   


73, Don, AK2S

What’s Happening


Congratulations to Bob KB2ITO for graduating from Drexel! Way to GO! Happy Birthday to Bruce WA3RHW and Shiloh W2SHI! And Happy anniversary to Bonnie WB2ALQ and Frank K2SQS.


Skeeter Hunt 

This year’s Skeeter hunt took place Sunday, August 21st starting at noon.  We used a pavilion at the Burlington Township green acres park.  All in all, quite an enjoyable afternoon.    

Upcoming BCRC Events


Coming up in September are two BCRC involved activities.  On Sunday September 11 BCRC will have a table (or 2) at the GCARC Hamfest in Mullica Hill.  This will take place before our regular meeting in Sept.  BCRC members are welcome to take advantage of the tables to sell some of their treasures.  A good chance to browse the flea market and meet old and new friends.     http://w2mmd.org/    


The second is the NJ QSO Party the following weekend September 17-18.  We’ll have a lot more info on the NJQP at our September regular meeting.  In the meantime see       http://www.k2td-bcrc.org/njqp/    for details.


BCRC Picnic

This year’s annual picnic will be held on the afternoon of Saturday October 1st at the home of Don AK2S starting about 2PM and running until 5PM.  Don’s address is 7 Pinewald Lane in Burlington Township.  The club will provide burgers and hot dogs along with condiments and rolls.  You are encouraged – but not required – to bring a side dish; eg salad, fruit, dessert etc.  Don’s XYL for example is providing her world famous potato salad, Bonnie WB2ALQ is making brownies and another dessert.  Bonnie will be trying to coordinate the side dishes so please contact her if you plan to bring something at 

momhuminski (at) comcast.net. 


Also please remember to bring your drinks and chairs for your family!


Want to see a back issue of the BCRC Newsletter? 
All back issues are now in the Files section of the BCRC Yahoo Group website.

From the Editors

Happy September!  We have been busy; we were at LBI for a couple of days. We celebrated our 47th anniversary! Frank received a new handytalky as a gift.  We have been helping Frank’s sister move. Our grandkids are back to school; they were happy to be back.  The oldest grandchild started college.  Don’t forget that the GCARC hamfest will be held on Sunday.  The NJ QSO party is coming up on Sept. 17-18. Mark your calendar for Oct 1, the BCRC will have our annual picnic at Don AK2S’s QTH. Please let me know if you are coming to the picnic and if you are bringing a dish to share.  Don’t forget your drink and chair! I hope to see you at the meeting on Monday!  Please remember our servicemen and women, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  

73, Bonnie WB2ALQ


WOW! Summer’s over, and my favorite season, autumn, is quickly approaching.  Warm days, cool nights, low humidity and a lack of green head flies and mosquitoes.  Contest season starts with 4 major DX contests, November sweepstakes, and the NJQP.  Many a good reason to attend the September meeting where N2VW will present a program – Contesting 101 – for those who wish to participate maybe for the first time.  And, BTW, are your antennas all ready for the contests and ol’ man winter?  The mullet run will be starting any day now, followed by the bunker and the bluefish and striped bass feeding on them.  Standing on the beach at water’s edge and casting a line into the ocean, sometimes being alone with the pounding surf – heaven!  I can’t wait!!

73, Frank K2SQS

BCRC Web Page

Visit our web page often!  www.k2td-bcrc.org

Check us out on Facebook  Burlington County Radio club K2TD  (tnx Erin AC2JL for setting this up!)

Sign up for the BCRC Yahoo Group as a source of more info on BCRC!  Contact K2QPN for help on how to join.

BCRC Calendar 2016


           11        Meeting – KC2OGR “Repeater Operation”

           30, 31  Winter FD; January VHF Contest

           26        Trustees


           8         Meeting – KC2MTO “ Boy Scout Merit Badge”

           20-21   ARRL DX CW

           23        Trustees


           5-6      ARRL DX SSB

           14        Meeting – K2SQS  “NPOTA”

           19        Brunch – Spring Fling

           29        Trustees


           5         FD Meeting 7:30PM at KD2ARU QTH

           11        Meeting & Order FD Gear – W2WCC “ARES in Burlco

           26        Trustees


           9         Meeting – K2QPN  “Windows 10”

           24        Trustees


           11        Antenna Party 9:30AM Tabernacle EOC Field

           11-12   June VHF

           13        Meeting – KD2ARU  “FD Planning”

           23-26   FD

           28        Trustees


           3-10     Carranza

           11        Meeting – KD2ARU FD Review and K2QPN Carranza Review

           23        Brunch – Summer Sizzler

           26        Trustees


           8         Meeting – AK2S  “The Ham Workshop”

           21        Skeeter Hunt

           23        Trustees


           11        GCARC Hamfest

           12        Meeting – N2VW  “Contesting 101”

           17-18   NJQP

           27        Trustees


           1         Picnic

           10        Meeting – K2QPN  “White Elephant Sale”

           15-16   JOTA & Radio Merit Badge

           25        Trustees

           29-30   CQWWDX SSB


           5-7      ARRL SS CW        

           12        Pizza Party – Fall Festival

           14        Meeting – Doug, K2QWQ “Early marine radio, Morse, and Equipment”

           19-21   ARRL SS SSB       

           26-27   CQWWDX SSB

           29        Trustees


           12        Meeting – Party time!

           13        Holiday Dinner

           27        Trustees