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Volume 2015, Number 11





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BCRC Meeting






President’s Corner


What’s Happening


Upcoming Events


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BCRC Officers 2015

Pres – Don, AK2S

VP – Frank, K2SQS


Sec – Lance, KC2MTO





Bonnie, WB2ALQ

Frank, K2SQS



BCRC Pizza Party – Saturday 11/14!


Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;

7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

All are invited!

BCRC Meeting

Monday, November 9, 2015

New ham questions answered – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO


BCRC Officer Elections and Short Videos


Nov 9 ------ BCRC Regular Meeting

Nov 14 ---- BCRC Pizza Party  12 Noon - 2PM (details below)

Dec 15 ---- BCRC Holiday Dinner (reservation form attached)

President’s Corner

Striking Out

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.”   --Babe Ruth


What does this have to do with amateur radio?  Everything!!!!  Often we have wished we could do some of the things that others do; like get on the air and make a lot of contacts, DX or local, CW, SSB, RTTY, etc.  All of these goals are possible and within the realm of possibility for all hams.  It just takes the nerve to take a swing.  Try it, you might like it; you never know.


“If you want to play in a game, go to where it is played and find a way to get in.  Good things happen when you are in the game.”    -- Chris Mathews


If you want to get into the game of amateur radio, you are in the right place. The BCRC is a general interest club and if you are interested in any specific aspect, we probably have people who are knowledgeable in that area.  You have found the way in by joining this club. As many of our members can attest to, good things happen when you get in the game.  Do not let your fear of striking out keep you on the sidelines.


73, Don, AK2S

What’s Happening


Happy Birthday to KC2IYC  Ray.  And feel better soon goes out to N2CE Charlie, W2MAT Matt & Bob K2QPN.


BCRC Picnic   

Held this year at the QTH of Lance and Linda, the 2015 BCRC was an outstanding affair.  About half the members attended, a great turnout on a spectacular early autumn day.  Unlimited burgers and hot dogs accompanied by a large assortment of member provided side dishes.  Nelson KD2CBI brought his camera drone and took some wonderful aerial video and photos of the assembled group, also gave us a brief presentation about this growing hobby. Thanks Nelson!



Another successful JOTA for BCRC.  Don’t have numbers, but quite a few scouts stopped by to see what ham radio was about, and to make some contacts on-the-air!  The event was once again held at the Tabernacle EOC (thanks Corky!), as well as at Pine Hill. Many 2 meter FM contacts between scouts at the two locations were made.

Upcoming BCRC Events

BCRC Pizza Party

Join us for some pizza on Saturday November 14th from Noon until 2PM!  Let Lance  KC2MTO know before November 11th  if you plan to attend so he can estimate the total number of places to reserve.


Angelo's Pizzeria Ristorante, 200 Larchmont Blvd., Mt. Laurel

(At the corner of Larchmont Blvd. and Hainesport-Mt. Laurel Rd.)




Take Larchmont Blvd. from Rt. 38 toward Medford. Follow Larchmont Blvd about one mile until just before it "T's" into Hainesport-Mt Laurel Rd. See the Wawa to the right and Angelo's right next to it.


Cost - $8.00 per person for pizza and soda


“Join us for pizza, fun, camaraderie and a great time with your fellow BCRC members.”  73, Don AK2S


Holiday Dinner

The BCRC holiday dinner will be held on Tuesday December 15th beginning at 6PM in the Holly Room at Medford Leas. 


Make your reservations ASAP (don’t forget to indicate your choice of Filet or Crab cake, and how you wish your filet to be cooked – med rare is the default).  As usual it’s a BYOB affair. 


Price this year is $33 for an exquisite repast.  Bring your reservations and checks to the meeting or mail them to Gene,  N2WFN before Dec 7th. 


Door prizes and a slide show of 2014 BCRC activities are included. Don’t miss this end–of-year gala event!


Need a reservation form?  Click here.



Nominations for club officers were made at the October meeting.  Elections will be held at the November general meeting. 


The nominees are (* incumbents):


Pres – Jim KD2ARU;      VP – Don AK2S*, Stan NB2S

Sec – Lance KC2MTO*; Treas – Hugh KC2OGR*


Let’s all get behind next year’s officers and continue to make BCRC the best ham radio club it can be!


Want to see a back issue of the BCRC Newsletter? 
All back issues are now in the Files section of the BCRC Yahoo Group website.

From the Editors

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Thank you to the antenna crew!  They did an outstanding job!  The crew included WA3RHW Bruce, Stan NB2S, AC2S Don, Bob K2QPN.  Thank you to Gene  N2WFN for organizing our Holiday Dinner.  The dinner will be on Dec. 15.  Don’t forget to send in your reservations. The menu sounds yummy! I hope to see you at the next meeting when elections happen. We ‘re going to Forsythe Wildlife area tomorrow. I hope to see lots of water fowl. OOO!!  Please keep in your thoughts and prayers our first responders and service men and women.  73, Bonnie wb2alq


Don AK2S has been doing an outstanding job of organizing antenna parties.  Hank KC2TA, John K2JFC, K2FL, Stan NB2S, and Don AK2S have all been helped by Don’s gang of stalwart antenna hangers.  And today was my turn for assistance.  Bruce WA3RHW, Stan NB2S, Bob K2QPN, and Don AK2S changed out my rotor for a working one and tightened up an element on my tribander.  Bonnie WB2ALQ had coffee, donuts, and lunch (with pumpkin pie dessert) for the troops.  My sincere thank you goes out to all who helped out, especially the roof workers (WA3RHW, NB2S).  And Don reports we have more to do!  We are fortunate to have two experienced tower climbers on the team – Bruce WA3RHW and Jack WA2RHJ.  They come prepared and work hard – climbing and working on a tower is hard work, and potentially dangerous.  So once again let me thank the team for all they do to get and keep our members on the air.  BCRC is indeed fortunate to have them.     73, Frank K2SQS

BCRC Web Page

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