Welcome to the Burlington County Radio Club's Parks on the Air (POTA) events page. Here, you'll find information on upcoming and past POTA activations, event summaries, and how you can participate in these exciting outdoor amateur radio activities.

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Parks on the Air (POTA) is an amateur radio program that encourages ham radio operators to operate portable equipment from designated parks around the world. The initiative aims to promote outdoor activity and awareness of protected areas while also fostering a global community of radio enthusiasts. POTA has grown in popularity due to its accessible nature, offering both new and experienced operators the chance to explore radio communications in diverse natural settings. It combines the thrill of making contact with distant operators with the enjoyment of the great outdoors, providing a unique blend of technical challenge and environmental appreciation. Participants not only get to practice their radio skills in various conditions but also contribute to a larger sense of community and shared adventure, making POTA a beloved activity among ham radio operators globally.

Rules, history and information can be found at POTA’s official website: https://parksontheair.com/

Interested in joining our next POTA activation?

  1. Sign up for a POTA account at www.parksontheair.com
  2. Become familiar with POTA’s rules and procedures for park activating as described on their website.
  3. Check our calendar for upcoming POTA events.
  4. Come out (with or without your radio gear) and join us in the field!

Our next Parks on the Air (POTA) will be announced soon!

Event Details:

  • Location:tbd
  • Date:tbd
  • Time:tbd
  • Meeting Point:tbd
  • Cost:tbd
  • Details:   COMING SOON!

Past POTA Events

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